Secretarys Office

Secretary General

Huang Kuoshien
Department of Polymer Materials
Graduate school of Green Materials


MS Graduate Institute of Engineering, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology


  1. Lecturer, Kung-Shan Institute of Technology (1986~1994)
  2. Associate Professor, Kung-Shan Institute of Technology and Commerce (1994~1996)
  3. Associate Professor, Kung-Shan Institute of Technology, Taiwan (1996~2000)
  4. Professor, Department of Polymer Materials, Kun Shan University, Taiwan (2000~present)
  5. Secretary of Vice President, Kun Shan University, Taiwan (2006/04~2007/02)
  6. The Secretary General, Kun Shan University, Taiwan (2007/02~present)

Publications (SCI):

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